"The Buddha has Come"
Painted in North Vancouver in 1990.

  • 36" X 48"

  • Acrylic

  • Stretched Canvas

  • Unframed


Not for Sale

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The name of this painting is "The Buddha has Come".  I walked up three consecutive flights of stairs to enter the upper belly of a large ferry on its way to Vancouver. It was full of people rushing and scrambling to claim good seats for this two hour voyage. This was an early morning sailing so I decided to go to the formal dining room where I could sit and enjoy the ocean and gulf islands passing by while eating a hearty breakfast. There were many others who had the same idea and we all pressed forward in the Buffet line. I stood patiently reading a favourite book while we inched our way into the dining room. I could smell strong coffee and other delightful aromas that triggered a hungry stomach. I was almost at the front of the line when I became vaguely aware of a small group of people being ushered up beside me. I was still very engrossed in my book until I became aware of a pair of eyes penetrating my aura and my consciousness.  I realized that I was being scanned by someone and when I looked up to catch those eyes and found that they belonged to a Buddhist Monk. He simply smiled at me as though he knew me and I felt like a child being inspected by an experienced parent. Some deep recess of my mind automatically cupped my hands together and bowed with respect. This immediately triggered the same response from him and his two travelling companions.  From the colors that they wore I realized that they were Tibetan and in that moment I felt transported thousands of miles away to another place in another time.
Suddenly an attendant whisked these holy men off to their own table and I watched in stunned amazement as they worked their way through this modern day dining room in their traditional costumes. There was a subtle hush that went through the room but soon everyone returned to normal and the ship sounded its departure horn and we were on our way. Shortly afterwards I was escorted to my own table where I busied myself getting a cup of coffee and scoping the buffet to see what choices I had for breakfast. There were a variety of egg dishes that looked tempting but also buttered squash and baked apple with cinnamon which really stimulated my palate.  I picked up a spoon and scooped a healthy portion of potatoes and realized that the same monk was standing beside me again with his plate extended. I automatically placed the food on his dish as though I had been doing this for a thousand years.  He allowed me to serve him as we went down the buffet line and although we did not exchange any words I knew that this was a great honour.  Once he was satisfied with the quantity on his plate he gave me a broad smile and a shallow bow and then walked back to his table. I stood there with my empty spoon in my hand just watching him walk away from me. People spilled around me on either side but I just stood there in that special moment and cherished that wonderful feeling.  I felt as though I had exchanged energy with this monk in an extraordinary way and that somehow I would never be the same.  I knew that was silly but at the same time it was real and I had gone through a change that would mark the beginning of a new era in my life.

To view a larger of “The Buddha has Come” please click the following hyperlink. http://www.freetarotreadings.ca/thebuddhahascome.htm

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