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"Mother Teresa"
Painted in Phoenix, Arizona in 1992.

  • 36" X 48"

  • Acrylic

  • Stretched Canvas

  • Unframed



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Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity

“Each individual person has been created to love and be loved. Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian doesn’t matter race, doesn’t matter religion, every single man, woman, child is a child of God created in the image of God. And that’s what we look at. Our work is to give service to the poorest of the poor. We give the Joy of Loving. Love has to be put into action.”    Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born in Albania in 1910. Her father was highly educated and a wealthy building contractor and when he died at age 42, caused his wife and three children to experience abject poverty. Mother Teresa joined the Loretta Sisters when she was 18 and in 1929 went to Calcutta where she taught Geography at a Girls School for seventeen years.

God called Sister Teresa on September 10th, 1946, to take care of the sick, dying, hungry, naked, homeless and poorest of the poor. By loving them she would be loving God. She immediately approached the higher authorities of the Catholic Church to ask permission to create the order of the “Missionaries of Charity”. After two years her request was granted. Without any financial support from the church, Mother Teresa started out with nothing but a full heart and a clear purpose.

The order was established in 1949 and its charter states that they should only receive monies that individual people give them. Their sole source of support should come from divine providence and through their prayer for the greatest good. It takes 9 ˝ years to become a Missionary of Charity and each girl must have the spirit of joy and happiness, the spirit of work and want to labour for the poor. 

Today this order is in more than 60 countries and Mother Teresa’s Sisters are putting love into actions by offering help and service to the spiritually and materially impoverished. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian contributions around the world. She is recognized as a saint by most people and she is greatly missed.

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